Due to Covid-19 the usual format of monthly meetings  remains under review, however, the Council is not closed and if you have any questions or queries please email the Clerk as normal at or phone 01926 484 612 so matters can be pursued on your behalf.  

If you need help during this time, please contact us as we are holding a list of volunteers who may be able to help.  If you would like to be added to the Parish Council's Contingency Plan also contact the Clerk.

Hatton Parish is set in the rural countryside of Warwickshire about four miles north west of the town of Warwick.  The main settlements are those of Hatton and the more recent Hatton Park, which is the redeveloped Central Hospital and King Edward VII sites.  There are circa 100 homes in the ‘old’ village and about 750 on the two new hospital sites.  

The Parish has a thriving and very successful school, the Ferncumbe CE VC Primary School, situated on the Green.   The school was founded in 1886 as Hatton Elementary School and it is now nearly up to capacity of 125 pupils.  We are home to one of the most picturesque spots on the Grand Union Canal, the famous Hatton Flight, which contains 21 locks in less than two miles and provides a stern test of boater stamina, and the popular Hatton Country World, both attract many visitors.  On the Birmingham Road, we have the Hatton Arms public house and the Holy Trinity Church Hatton.  The parish residents also benefit from activities at two village halls:  Hatton Village Hall and the more recently built Hatton Park Village Hall.

 The Parish Council is charged with looking after the best interests of the whole community and is made up of eight unpaid volunteers guided by our Clerk, Katherine Skudra.  We are committed to preserving the heritage and beauty of the area that we are all privileged to live in, whilst also preparing it for the future.  We meet 10 times a year at either Hatton Village Hall or Hatton Park Village Hall to discuss our work and we welcome your input. (Full details can be found on the Parish Meetings page.)




The next Parish Council Meeting will be

28th June 2021 at 8pm

Hatton Village Hall



The Council have responded, objecting to the developers' appeal  

OPEN FORUM the beginning of our meetings is for any resident to raise an issue or ask a question which is not on the agenda.

If you would like to contact us, please look at the Compliance page for contact details.  


Cancelled until further notice.