At the next meeting of the Parish Council the following planning and use issues will be considered. If you have comments you would like to make please join us or email the Clerk at mail@hattonpc.com: Please remember you are able to make your own comments on the applications through the WDC planning pages.
Meeting on 25th October 2021 we will consider;
W/21/1714 and W/21/1715LB relating to 1 Hatton Flight Birmingham Road

H28 Update
7th September 2021 - Notice that the appeal has been allowed has been received - Decision in documents below
6th July 2021 - The Appeal against the refusal has been heard.
28th October -- the application to vary the condition has been refused.

The Council had responded with an objection as follows:
Hatton Parish Council objects to this proposal

This application seeks to remove the developer's obligation to provide pedestrian and cycle access direct to Hatton Park via Ebrington Drive.  It is noted that;
  • Throughout this planning exercise, Warwick District Council has insisted on the provision of this access.  There is nothing in this application to cause it to alter that position.
  • In the preparation of the Warwick District Local Plan, 'Growth Villages' were identified by a points system based on the amenities available.
  • The points (at the time disputed) allocated to Hatton Park were just sufficient for it to qualify for this scale of development.
  • Without this access, the H28 site will effectively be isolated from Hatton Park and its amenities, and should therefore cease to be eligible for development.
  • The alternative routes of access to the shop and village hall detailed in the application are not viable.  No reference is made to access to the school and public service bus stops, nor the village green/playing field.  That to the north of Hatton Park we believe is further and involves a climb.  That along the Birmingham Road is alreadly dangerous;  this is a combined cycle and footpath and is too narrow for either to pass safely.  This is the route that parents taking children to the school bus would have to take, probably with a pushchair, buggy or toddler.  There is no indication in the application that this path will be ugraded.
  • This linkage is necessary for the social and communal integration of the new development with Hatton Park.  Without it, the residents would not 'feel' part of any wider community.
  • The application offers no reason for the failure to resolve the apparently straightforward matter of land ownership.

4th September 2020 - We know that an application has been filed to remove of the conditions of the Planning Permission -that being the accessway/cycle path from H28 to Hatton Park -filed under W/20/1176 - Councillors will be looking at this very closely, taking advice and are keen to hear your thoughts before they file a response. You can email the Clerk in the usual way. You should, in any event, file your own individual responses through the WDC planning pages.

5th September 2019 - An amendment to the planning application has been received and can be viewed on WDC planning portal. The Council has a meeting on 23rd September and has asked for an extension to the deadline for the response to be able to take views. Individual responses should still be filed by 17th September. 

The Parish Council Response is attached as a document below and has now been filed with the Planning Officer.  All parties who have comments to make should enter them through the WDC Planning Portal or by email to the WDC Planning Officer, Dan Charles - full information can be found under the application number.

Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL)

Background - This was introduced in 2010 as a charge on any development over 100 square metres to support improvement of infrastructure in the area of the development in addition to Section 106 agreements which cover specific infrastructure.  There are exemptions, notably affordable housing.  It is likely the H28 development of 150 houses will include 40% affordable houses, so 90 will be subject to the CIL.

How Much? - The rate is set by the Local Council and my vary by location.  For Hatton Park, Warwick District Council has set a levy of £195 per square metre floor space.  Average floor area is circa 80 square metres so H28 will be subject to a levy of £1.4 million (90 dwellings x 80 square metres x 195) 15% of this, £210,00 is available to the Local Council for Hatton Parish.  The remainder is available to Warwick District.

When? - This becomes payable on the granting of full planning consent and the commencement of the development.  The amount per annum is limited, in this case, to about £90,000.  The full amount must be spent within five years.  Any remaining may be claimed back by the Local Authority, although it must consider the interests of the locality in its subsequent expenditure.

How May it be Used? - ' … provision, replacement, maintenance, improvement, or operation of infrastructure and anything else related to the demands the development placed on the area.'  This is a very broad description and the term 'area' is not defined.  It is possible to collaborate with the District Council or even the Developer.  We hope to gather examples of projects undertaken by other councils.

Next Steps - This is dependent on the development of H28 going ahead as anticipated.  At this stage we are simply looking for ideas.  In due course these will be discussed at our monthly meeting when we can decide how best to canvas opinion as to what projects are viable and have greatest support.  Please let us have your thoughts, either by email to the Clerk or by attending one of our regular meetings.

H28 Background

March/April 2019 - The developers have asked for a meeting with the various stakeholder groups and the Parish Council will be reporting on this in the next edition of the Hatton Parish Post and at the meeting on 29th April.

November 2018 - It is likely that the Planning Application will be resubmitted in due course and then the consultation process will begin again.  Gary Fisher from Warwick District Council Planning attended the Parish Council meeting on 26th November to receive questions from residents.  For details see the minutes of the meeting.

April 2018 - The Planning Application for the land north of Birmingham Road has currently been withdrawn by the developers.  Hatton Parish Council has objected to the withdrawn application and details can be found below.

Warwick District Council Local Plan

Warwick District Council has confirmed adoption of the Local Plan - you can follow the link for details:  www.warwickdc.gov.uk/info/20410/newlocal_plan    

Background Information: 

  • 8th April 2017 - Please see document 1a below for a brief outline of modifications by the Inspector (March 2017) and Parish Council response.
  • 11th November 2016 - The two sites in Hatton were examined.  The Parish Council made representation to the Inspector.
  • 26th July 2016- The Draft Local Plan will now proceed to Public Examination, which will start in Leamington on 27th September.  Interested parties are able to attend but will not be able to speak unless asked by the Inspector, Kevin Ward. 
  • 17th April 2016 - Please see document 1 below which outlines the Parish Council's response to the modifications.
  • 22nd March 2016 - The modifications include two proposed housing developments around Hatton Park for consultation.  Hatton Parish Council is holding a public meeting to discuss and hear residents' views and consider its response on 31st March at Hatton Park Village Hall at 7.30 pm.
  • 21st March 2016 - Warwick District Council has now put out their modifications to the Local for consultation.  This is running until 31s March. 
  • 13th August 2015 -Warwick District Council to suspend and revise the Local Plan rather than start work on a new one.     
  • 28th July 2015 - The Government Inspector has agreed to suspend adjudication on the Warwick District Council Draft Local Plan until May 2016 to allow the Council to address the shortage of housing provision.  At the moment it is likely there will be more public consultation starting in December on a number of aspects of the plan including the gypsy and traveller site provision.  We will post more information here when available.                      
Hatton Parish Plan

A review of the Plan was undertaken in 2018 and updates can be found in the Review document below.  This concerns our Parish only and was prepared by a volunteer steering group and was published in February 2013.  It is also helpful in negotiations with WDC and Warwickshire County Council.  It has no official status and is not binding on any of the local councils.  

Neighbourhood Plan (NP)

May be undertaken by any neighbourhood (part of parish, whole parish, consortium of parishes or towns).  Strict rules concerning preparation require professional support.  Subject to examination, and also referendum it must conform to the Local Plan and cannot oppose planned housing numbers.  


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