Martin LeTocq (Chair)

Brendon Asprey

Anthony Burrows

Michael Busby

Veronica Chapman

Susan Hague

Margaret Langford

Joshua Moore

Attached below are the Parish Council policies which are reviewed on an annual basis.

Any personal data given in emails or other communication with the Parish Council through this website will only be used by the Parish Council to communicate with you and other public bodies in response to your specific enquiry where appropriate and to notify you directly of publicly advertised events. No data will be shared with third parties.

The Parish Council is charged with looking after the best interests of the whole community and is made up of eight unpaid volunteers guided by our Clerk, Katherine Skudra. We are committed to preserving the heritage and beauty of the area that we are all privileged to live in, whilst also preparing it for the future. The present councillors are:

If you require any information please contact our Clerk:

Mrs Katherine Skudra

The Granary


Warwick CV35 7NZ

01926 484 612 or

07759 394 234